Orc's Pride

13Aug10 session notes

13Aug10 session notes

entering room 3; zombies, ghouls, room with hanging chains

found magic door that was impassable, secret door with stairs going down to another chamber

went through secret door – room with chairs, stairs up, large captain’s chamber. zombies, skeletons (deathkeil?). Infirmary is attached.

Find a pearl that absorbs magic – seems to be the keep to the impassable door.

Shadow's Den

The part stealthfully move through the woods traveling mainly by night and resting by day on route to Shadow’s Den. On the third day of the journey they develop and uneasy feeling. They are attacked and make short work of a pack of hungry wolves.

Arriving at Shadow Den’s Caves the band notices that the caves stretch out for miles along the coastline. The party identifies evidence of multiple human settlements and realizes that it would not be wise directly approaching any of them. Finding multiple clues the party believes that it has identified the cave entrance of interest.

Your band of Orc-king encounters a half-Orcs raiding party. They have somehow managed to escape the human’s ethnic purging and like your war band they are trying to survive behind enemy lines. They have little interest in you or your quest. They are solely out for themselves. Mid discussion a scout notices that a group of human pirates and raiders are mounting an attack against the two Orc war bands. In their current location the humans will have cover and concealment and a terrain advantage. You convince the other band of Orc’s to sneak around and drive them from the high ground. As the humans are flushed from the high ground, your war band makes short work out of them.

You enter a large lit cave. There is the scent of moss and mold in the air. And the stalagmite formations cast shadows everywhere producing dim overall lighting even with a sun rod. The floor of the cave is littered with at least two types of guano species of small rodent mammals and fish. Wild mushrooms seem to be growing wild in this section of the cave.

Prisoner in the Abbey

The Abbey at Ra-um-common turns out to be a haven for malignant wizards. The second level is occupied by mage initiates, tower guards, mages and a Hexer. Pummeled with scorching bursts by the initiates the Hexer held the party at bay with stinging hex after granting his allies concealment with a vexing cloud. Totally disoriented the paladin fall into a pit trap but skillfully recovers taking minimal damage. Allowing the mages to maintain their distance the party is severely damaged by the end of battle.

Enlightened by their failures on the second level of the abbey the party is prepared for battle on the third level. This level contains more guards including two underbosses sent to interrogate the prisoner. The pit traps are avoided (and they say Orcs can’t learn). The mages are neutralized in hand to hand combat and the underbosses are subdued. After a glorious Orc-en battle,Drummon is freed.

Upon the party setting Drummon (Orc druid) free, he is very greatful and tells the party that these are ominous times and that the humans and elves are not to be trusted. They have developed a blood-lust which does not seem to be satiable. You must locate and free Princess Dradeem because she is the only one who can re-establish the Orc kingdom and you must find the staff of power (Staff of Okambie). It was disassembled and scattered throughout the know world to prevent the establishment of a Godblin or Orc homeland. Without the staff Princess Dradeem will not be able to establish her authority and unite the Goblin or Orc forces. Orc’s and Goblins have not joined forces in over 2 hundred year and while your village had been a place of communication this feeling does not prevail throughout the land. You must travel to the Shadow ’s Den and find the key to Aganathies tomb. You will need it to open the coffin containing the first piece of the staff. Shadow’s Den is found on the Western edge of the Breeland.

Abbey at Ra-um-common

The party escapes from the prisoner caravan freeing many of their comrades leaving the humans with a tremendous mess on their hands. You party races through the woods trying to put as much distance or hide their tracks from the chasing guards. Without friends, allies or any mission, the frightened group seeks pride and purpose in a world gone mad. The retreat is somewhat successful. They set enough traps and move quickly enough that they buy enough time to rest. Just as the party prepares to head out they hear the advancing guards. Caravan guards, crossbowmen and human scouts descend upon them in wave after wave. Valiantly they fight them back, in true Orc style, taking no prisoners. The party comes upon a small clearing in the woods. In the center of the clearing is a small tower. The Abbey at Ra-um-common has an ominous air to it. There is a small garden around the tower. The door to the tower is plain but somehow inviting. Attempting to open the door results in the triggering of a fire blast trap which alerts the inhabitants and doing minor damage to several members of the party. Once inside the party finds itself in the middle of “Mage Central”. Magic Missiles, Scorching Bursts, and Dancing Lightening spells go off all around them. There is a chest on the far end of the room. As the defender maneuvers to gain a tactical advantage, the second fire blast trap goes off catching the party by surprise. Although severely damaged by the fight, they prevail and prepare to rid this tower of the human vermin.


Part of a prison caravan, the party bemoans its fate. Attempt to intimidate the guards result in a severe beating. Two members of the party manage to loosen their shackles but they realize that escape as the cross the plains is futile.

Though the journey is difficult the party manages to get a little rest. They remember the bloody battle they had fought to save Undoon. Human raiders were everywhere. Valiantly the adventurers fought back the humans, everyone except the Sorcerer. What a woman, the sorcerer hid at every chance. Wave after wave of human raiders stormed the village. Captured and dragged, we were headed to the diamond mine, freedom was a thing of the past. Off in the distance, we can see the marshland surrounding the Kikitchie Swamp.

There is a long forced march to the Kikitchie Swamp. Lake Kikitchie spreads out with about a 2 mile radius. There is thick underbrush a swamp grass along the lake which is feed by a stream to the north of the prison convoy. It is early Springtime and the flowers and swamp grass are beginning to bloom as assorted swamp creatures sing their sweet mating songs.

Field of Sorrows

The adventures wake up to find themselves in a large field in shackles as part of some sort of prison convoy. There are about 50-75 prisoners most of them common orc-like creatures including women and children. The guards are all humans and they are extremely abusive particularly to the female prisoners. Most of the manacles are old and rusty, leaving iron burns with minimal struggling. In the distance the adventurers can see a small marshland surrounding a medium sized lake and a large forest beyond. Behind them they recognize their homeland, the woods of Grekchen.

Undoon was a small village of Orcish and goblin-oid creatures, Orc, half-Orc, goblins, hobgoblins and Bugbears. Half-Orc are the most despised of the village usually the product of a male Orc and an unwilling human female these creatures are generally hated by both worlds. Rarely will the human female nurture an offspring of the pairing, so few survive. Human males have to be severely intoxicated and rarely survive the encounter but a female Orc will take care of her child.

The adventures find themselves with no equipment, bloodied (half-life) missing one healing surge with their hand bound (manacled). They are tired and thirsty. They can feel the pain of their captured countrymen and they are overwhelmed with a hatred for their human captors.


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