Orc's Pride

Abbey at Ra-um-common

The party escapes from the prisoner caravan freeing many of their comrades leaving the humans with a tremendous mess on their hands. You party races through the woods trying to put as much distance or hide their tracks from the chasing guards. Without friends, allies or any mission, the frightened group seeks pride and purpose in a world gone mad. The retreat is somewhat successful. They set enough traps and move quickly enough that they buy enough time to rest. Just as the party prepares to head out they hear the advancing guards. Caravan guards, crossbowmen and human scouts descend upon them in wave after wave. Valiantly they fight them back, in true Orc style, taking no prisoners. The party comes upon a small clearing in the woods. In the center of the clearing is a small tower. The Abbey at Ra-um-common has an ominous air to it. There is a small garden around the tower. The door to the tower is plain but somehow inviting. Attempting to open the door results in the triggering of a fire blast trap which alerts the inhabitants and doing minor damage to several members of the party. Once inside the party finds itself in the middle of “Mage Central”. Magic Missiles, Scorching Bursts, and Dancing Lightening spells go off all around them. There is a chest on the far end of the room. As the defender maneuvers to gain a tactical advantage, the second fire blast trap goes off catching the party by surprise. Although severely damaged by the fight, they prevail and prepare to rid this tower of the human vermin.


Despite my human ancestors, this group seems determined to reduce me to slavery.

Abbey at Ra-um-common

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