Orc's Pride

Prisoner in the Abbey

The Abbey at Ra-um-common turns out to be a haven for malignant wizards. The second level is occupied by mage initiates, tower guards, mages and a Hexer. Pummeled with scorching bursts by the initiates the Hexer held the party at bay with stinging hex after granting his allies concealment with a vexing cloud. Totally disoriented the paladin fall into a pit trap but skillfully recovers taking minimal damage. Allowing the mages to maintain their distance the party is severely damaged by the end of battle.

Enlightened by their failures on the second level of the abbey the party is prepared for battle on the third level. This level contains more guards including two underbosses sent to interrogate the prisoner. The pit traps are avoided (and they say Orcs can’t learn). The mages are neutralized in hand to hand combat and the underbosses are subdued. After a glorious Orc-en battle,Drummon is freed.

Upon the party setting Drummon (Orc druid) free, he is very greatful and tells the party that these are ominous times and that the humans and elves are not to be trusted. They have developed a blood-lust which does not seem to be satiable. You must locate and free Princess Dradeem because she is the only one who can re-establish the Orc kingdom and you must find the staff of power (Staff of Okambie). It was disassembled and scattered throughout the know world to prevent the establishment of a Godblin or Orc homeland. Without the staff Princess Dradeem will not be able to establish her authority and unite the Goblin or Orc forces. Orc’s and Goblins have not joined forces in over 2 hundred year and while your village had been a place of communication this feeling does not prevail throughout the land. You must travel to the Shadow ’s Den and find the key to Aganathies tomb. You will need it to open the coffin containing the first piece of the staff. Shadow’s Den is found on the Western edge of the Breeland.



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