Orc's Pride

Shadow's Den

The part stealthfully move through the woods traveling mainly by night and resting by day on route to Shadow’s Den. On the third day of the journey they develop and uneasy feeling. They are attacked and make short work of a pack of hungry wolves.

Arriving at Shadow Den’s Caves the band notices that the caves stretch out for miles along the coastline. The party identifies evidence of multiple human settlements and realizes that it would not be wise directly approaching any of them. Finding multiple clues the party believes that it has identified the cave entrance of interest.

Your band of Orc-king encounters a half-Orcs raiding party. They have somehow managed to escape the human’s ethnic purging and like your war band they are trying to survive behind enemy lines. They have little interest in you or your quest. They are solely out for themselves. Mid discussion a scout notices that a group of human pirates and raiders are mounting an attack against the two Orc war bands. In their current location the humans will have cover and concealment and a terrain advantage. You convince the other band of Orc’s to sneak around and drive them from the high ground. As the humans are flushed from the high ground, your war band makes short work out of them.

You enter a large lit cave. There is the scent of moss and mold in the air. And the stalagmite formations cast shadows everywhere producing dim overall lighting even with a sun rod. The floor of the cave is littered with at least two types of guano species of small rodent mammals and fish. Wild mushrooms seem to be growing wild in this section of the cave.



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