Orc's Pride


Part of a prison caravan, the party bemoans its fate. Attempt to intimidate the guards result in a severe beating. Two members of the party manage to loosen their shackles but they realize that escape as the cross the plains is futile.

Though the journey is difficult the party manages to get a little rest. They remember the bloody battle they had fought to save Undoon. Human raiders were everywhere. Valiantly the adventurers fought back the humans, everyone except the Sorcerer. What a woman, the sorcerer hid at every chance. Wave after wave of human raiders stormed the village. Captured and dragged, we were headed to the diamond mine, freedom was a thing of the past. Off in the distance, we can see the marshland surrounding the Kikitchie Swamp.

There is a long forced march to the Kikitchie Swamp. Lake Kikitchie spreads out with about a 2 mile radius. There is thick underbrush a swamp grass along the lake which is feed by a stream to the north of the prison convoy. It is early Springtime and the flowers and swamp grass are beginning to bloom as assorted swamp creatures sing their sweet mating songs.



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